Friday, May 23, 2014

Takeout Your Data!

Google offers a fantastic resource called Google Takeout that will help you to backup and or store your data.  When making use of Google tools, your data is stored in the cloud. While we are promised that the data is secure, sometimes having a copy of your data "just in case" is nice.  Also, at this time of year, should you be moving or retiring, you might want to take a copy of your Google work with you.  While you might not like all the services archived, you can elect from many services as shown:

 A Google Takeout Archive is created, downloaded and can be taken with you easily.  Our friends in Franklin have created a great synopsis of Google Takeout in this tutorial:

Click here to launch video

Once you have exported your data, you are emailed a notification that your archive is ready for downloads.  This archive is downloaded as a zip file.  When the zip file is opened, you will find a folder that contains organized folders by the content service type.  This process is not only easy but a great way to archive valuable data.

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