Monday, April 7, 2014

Google Drive Add-Ons

Last month Google announced Google Drive Add-Ons but it wasn't until this past week that those of us in the Google Apps for Education Domain world were able to see this awesome tool appear in our Google tools.  Yea!  It is here for us too!!!

Google Add-Ons may have been something you noticed in a personal Google account, but now should see coming your way for students and staff in the Edu managed domains.  Here's what to look for:

When you have a Google Doc or a Google Sheet open, look in the menu bar between "Table" and "Help" for "Add-ons" as shown below.

Add-ons add a feature or otherwise separate tool to the existing document.  I recently used Add-ons in a Google Doc to create a table of contents for the document.  It appears in the sidebar of the document and allows me to navigate quickly through a larger document.  Other Add-ons that might be really helpful are:
  • Kaizena Voice Add-on
  • Easybib Add-on for bibliography building in a document
  • Maps will add a Google map to an existing document
  • Lucid Chart Diagrams
  • Charts will help you create a chart from the data in your spreadsheet
Just in the last week I have seen new Add-ons that were not there before so I am certain that there are many ideas yet to come.  Search for an Add-On that helps you.  Click on "Add-on" in the menu and select "Get Add-ons".

Google has prepared a great video to introduce you to this great feature too: 

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