Monday, March 10, 2014

Create a Map - Make it Personal

Finding Maps that show exactly what you want for a lesson can be hard.  There are many map services out there on the web that support different maps from different locations, eras and time periods, but creating a map that is personalized is easy using Google Maps Engine Lite.  By simply clicking "Create a new map" you can create up to 3 layers of data, drawings or annotations, and directions on your map. Turning of different layers allows you to see certain information at will.  Powered with Google's search feature you can search for certain landmarks, addresses or general information.  Each search displays with results labeled directly on the map.  Clicking on a search marker brings up an information marker that will display Street View Images, directions, websites and other information about the location.
Different Views make a huge difference in the way that a calendar displays.  Clicking on "World View" displays the map with 3-D building and terrain and satellite imagery. Users have the ability to tilt and change perspectives.
The same map in "Map View" looks quite different and might offer some interesting comparisons for students.

Students with a Google Apps for Education account can also create and share a Google map that indicates information, locations and personalizations.  Adding and personalizing markers and titles could make for some great tools to add to a research project for classroom work.  Finally each map, like other Google Apps for Education, can be shared allowing students to collaborate and make a map together.  A map can also be linked or embedded into other Google tools.

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